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The xDayta Lead Broker Marketplace is an open platform of approved lead brokers to securely sell leads to customers. The Lead Broker Marketplace connects lead buyers with sellers and gives trusted details about the leads. Lead brokers get full control of pricing, access to PayPal verified users, simple limited lead samples, security with PayPal, instant payouts, private messaging, social sharing and instant downloading for buyers after payment. xDayta makes it easier to sell your leads and get paid. The xDayta Lead Broker Marketplace is Patent Pending Aug-2013.

xDayta Lead Broker Marketplace for list brokers, lead generation and lead generation companies. Sell Leads and Buy Leads in the following categories; Demographic leads, Education leads, Entertainment leads, Financial leads, Gaming leads, Geographic leads, Government leads, Healthcare leads, HR leads, Law leads, Marketing leads, Medical leads, Other leads, Political leads, Sales leads, Scientific leads, Sports leads, Technology leads, Auto leads, Canada Businesses leads, Consumers leads, Direct Mail leads, Existing Business leads, New Business leads, New Connect leads, Diabetic leads, Pay Day leads.

Sell leads and buy leads with PayPal for; buy mailing list, email lists, new business leads, direct mail, email addresses, mail list, b2b marketing, sales list, direct mail advertising, b2b sales, direct mail marketing and leads online.

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xDayta LLC is actively looking for investors and venture capital funding. Contact [email protected] for more information. xDayta LLC is looking to build strategic partnerships for buying and selling data. Contact [email protected] for more information.

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