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Guys, no matter what type of email or phone-room (telemarketing) marketing campaign you are working at right now, there’s something that will be a PERFECT FIT for you at D4M.

I’ve been doing a LOT of site work and SEO work recently, and i’m looking for GOOD forums and sites like here on XDayta to spread the word about our SUPER-Intensive Money Attracting/Building 12 Step DataBase in the D4M TODO Work-Shop. Sick and Tired of being what and what-tired? That’s why …

D4M is your Data BUFFET!

There is such a nice spread of data here: data feeds (old Coreg And newly discovered feeds like http://www.data4marketers.com/d4m_optin_best_of_2013.html ) , B2B ( http://www.data4marketers.com/d4m_b2b_best_of_2014.html ), SpamTrap Suppression ( http://www.data4marketers.com/spamtrapsuppression.html ), CELL phone data (AOL and all other domains http://www.data4marketers.com/d4m_cell_phone_data.html ), Payday (LONG + Short forms http://www.data4marketers.com/2014LONGforms.html , http://www.data4marketers.com/cx2.html , http://www.data4marketers.com/SecondPosition2014.html ), BUYERs data (w/CC info, full records, phones, email, from worldwide countries : http://www.data4marketers.com/BUYERSworldwide.html )

Remember, Data4Marketers is your data Buffet!
D4M is your data-shopping destination !!! 😉

Talk to you soon!
513-405-9591 or 843-283-0759